I seldom blog about food, but this deserves an exception. Pine Garden’s pineapple tart is simply delicious.

I’ve eaten many kinds of tarts, and I’m generally not a picky eater. To me, anything tastes fine, and people who knows me will know that I do not go crazy over food, definitely not a foodie.

But when I ate the pineapple tart from Pine Garden, I have to say they are good. The pineapple filling is not too sweet, and the texture is not rough. The crust, always my favourite part of the tart, melts in your mouth the moment you sink your teeth.

It is good.

But I won’t go gaga over it. I am perfectly fine with normal tarts.

In case you decide to order, you can forget about it. When we collected our order, the staff said it was oversold. In fact, order-taking started since December 2008. We’re just lucky to have gotten our order, despite being listed under ‘waiting list page 3’.

Next CNY, I’ll be sure to order way in advance.

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