Ashlyn contacted me on the last week of December 2008 requesting for a photo session. After checking my schedule, I decided to arrange the shoot on 31 Dec afternoon – the last day of 2008.

Ashlyn went all out to make the shoot possible, by re-arranging her room to meet the requirements. She initially proposed 3 photo stories, one of them is an emotional outburst of her in a room. I then recalled that I had an undeveloped storyline with similar theme. I shall not reveal the actual theme right here so that you could view the photo story and experience the ending.

In one of the scenes, I requested Ashlyn to shed some tear. I put an eyedrop bottle within the reach of her hand, in case she couldn’t get any tear out and had to supplement the crying look without disrupting the emotion.

She didn’t need it.

She cried beautifully. It was a cry that emotes helplessness, hopelessness.

Why did she cry for? View the photostory in video below

View the full-screen photo story at my Flickr Set here.
Mirror site:

Here are some images that did not make it into the photo story.

We finished the shoot with some fun shots. Ashlyn looks equally good at being mature and playful.


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