Tsui Ping attended Racheal’s wedding and saw me doing her wedding photography, so she decided to ask me to help out in her dinner banquet. She already engaged Gabriel Mendes as her photographer, but needed another photographer for the banquet. There were 80 tables and the wedding couple did not intend to do table-to-table shots. So that’s where I came in. I was tasked to do table photos for those tables that her parents wanted. And since table photos would not take place until after the 2nd march-in, I am free to take any shots that is required of me.

So I wore the “secondary photographer’s” hat and fired away.

Another November wedding I did was for my friend of 11 years, my uni course mate, Eelin, We attended same tutorial classes in Year One but never spoke or said hi to each other. Until the last day of Year One exams, when the tutorial group decided to go clubbing to celebrate the end of exams, did we talked. And by the end of the night, we found out so much things in common that we wondered why we never hit it off during the course year.

Fast forward to 11 years later.

We were supposed to do bridal shots around the hotel after the lunch banquet, but the day proved to be too tiring for the newly-weds, so we put off the shoot till a possible later date.

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