I have not touched my piano keyboard for months, nor used my sound card to do audio recording. So when Zoe needed to practice her singing for her talent segment of “Miss Veet Standout Challenge 2008” competition. I found that there was something wrong with the audio playback. I eventually found that it’s not caused by my expensive card but my 2-year old PC. I have yet to find the root of the problem, and I suspect some audio driver is corrupted and I probably should re-install my OS, a time-consuming process.

Meanwhile, I plugged my sound card to my backup PC, and it works without missing a beat. I’m rather impressed at how my 3-year old machine could still handle the Akoustik Piano sound samples. Thanks to my old trusty PC, the practice session went on smoothly. Zoe managed to grab the “Miss Veet Desirable” subsidiary award.

Here’s a video footage of her actual performance.

You can listen to the demo recording we did during the practice session.

That’s What Friends Are For
Zoe Raymond (vocals)
Chester Tan (piano)

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  1. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks. Home recording is very affordable and easily achievable. The key equipment is the condenser mic, which delivers the crystal-clear vocal quality. You can get the AT2020 for about S$160.

    Technical specs:
    – EMU 1820M digital audio system
    – Audio-Technica AT2020 condenser mic
    – Akoustik Piano software samplers
    – Cakewalk Home Studio MIDI sequencer
    – Adobe Audition multi-track audio software

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