The last time you’ve seen or heard of Mayenne from my blog is probably in August, so I shall pick up where I left off. She’s growing well, walking and running fine, toilet-trained. Still cannot communicate with words, but has a grasp of all the alphabets and numerals. She sometimes fusses for unknown reasons but responds well to routine games that brings a smile on her face and distracts her from crying moments. Let the photos speak for themselves.

Another contemplative moment.

Who’s the boss?

She read Singapore’s second Olympic medal.

Funny-face moment.

An “oh my” moment.

Doing business.

Her final days on the pacifier.




This shot was taken at night using the D700 at ISO 12800. She was at the kitchen in complete darkness except living room lights behind her. She was in complete shadow, yet the camera captures her face and her T-shirt details.

Her second Christmas outing.

Now she can pose on her own with the Christmas tree.

Glowing smile.

Trying to take control of the CD player.

Looking out.

Playing with shadow.

Brushing her own teeth.

Smitten by a boy during the zoo excursion.

Moments with daddy.

Moments on TV.

Who’s copying whose hairdo?

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