The Ethics of Photojournalism

Yesterday my dad asked me, “You haven’t been updating your blog lately. Busy?” Of all people, it had to be a not-so-techy analogue person that asks for my digital diary to be updated.

I have been busy with work and taking a break from the digital realm, spending time with my daughter and on my new TV. I consciously choose what I want to achieve and trade-off some other things in life.

Meanwhile, I found this interesting e-book about photojournalism and the ethics of digital manipulation, and it’s relevant in the photographic genre that I specialise, although it’s nothing quite like it. That’s because portraiture and photojournalism doesn’t seem to gel with most clients, who prefer glamourisation rather than realism (photography to them is a portrayal of images that they cannot achieve in real life, a visual escapism). What they need to understand is that even journalistic portraiture still requires some form of directions during the shoot to capture the better perspectives. And that’s what I do when I capture my images.

Click the image to download the e-book.

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