Months ago, CAAS – i.e. Changi Airport – announced that they are support local artists by playing local works as background music so that they can earn some royalty.

In fact, CAAS has already been doing that since 2007. Thanks to their support for Piano Spa, I am receiving a sizable amount of royalty for the 2nd half of 2007. How much? About S$3000. I think that’s quite a lot of money for royalty, many thanks to the extremely large area of Changi Airport. Typically, royalty is charged by the floor area of the establishment.

I am really grateful for CAAS to support local arts. I do hope other local establishments start to support local music.

In Japan, the creative industry is so self-sufficient that it’s encouraging local creative people to go into the industry. Photographers, musicians, painters, fashion designers, hair stylists, make-up artists, cartoonists, furniture designers, craftsmen, etc. They have monthly publications on the latest make-up trends, hair-dos, clothes, music, home decor, and more. Publications that fill over 4 rows of bookstore aisles.

Singapore is catching up. We are earning increasing number of credentials in the areas of animation, fashion, design, music, arts. And with simple acts like CAAS, the creative industry has hope to strike out as a mainstream industry where people can earn a liviing comfortably.


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