I read on the newspaper the dramatic Formula One win by Lewis Hamilton and I went to search for the video clip that shows the final lap. Lucky guy.

I also found the video clip on Emi’s blog, about Ellen DeGeneres visiting Paris Hilton’s mansion and going clubbing with her. It’s just Ellen making a fool of herself, but an eye opener on Paris’ house.

And how about airlines who charge every safety feature that we take for granted:

Petrol prices are going down, and my friend recently upgraded his 2-year Nissan Latio to Qashqai, and so did Angie’s brother who got the Honda Accord. On Sunday I dropped by the Opel showroom after IKEA to check out the Meriva that is on clearance sale: $57000 for a 1.6L mini-MPV. It’s an old 2006 shipment but the car is really worth the price, if you aren’t particular about looks. My dad is also on the lookout for an ideal car to replace his 5-year old Opel Astra “G”. So far, there aren’t any cars out there that can meet the performance of the Astra at a budget, and seriously it’s quite a hard deal to beat. My guess is either daddy compromises on performance or he’d have to stick with it for another 5 years.

As for me and my Chevy Optra, I’m loving it and happy with what I paid for. Of course, with more money, I can get better cars, but for now, the car is so run-in that I no longer treat it like a gem. And not worrying about the cosmetic element makes driving more pleasurable.

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