As I know it, Enya’s 2008 album is officially released today – 11/11/2008.

The Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is available on Enya website. 12 minutes of private interview with Enya, Nicky and Roma Ryan. Enya also talks several minutes about her “Watermark” album.

You can also catch the music video of her latest single, “Trains and Winter Rains”.

No comments on her music till I get hold of one, although I have already formed some opinion based on the videos I saw (and heard) on her official website. Gramophone Centrepoint hasn’t stocked that yet. HMV probably has, but I was lazy to walk there. Maybe tomorrow.

Also looking forward to seeing David Foster’s HITMAN CD/DVD/book in stores. I suspect I might have to wait a little longer for that because David Foster is not as popular as to warrant a same-day worldwide album release.

It is obvious that the invasion of the Blu-ray disc has an effect on DVD. Prices are dropping like the current stock market. I saw some old titles in Blu-ray format at only $39.90. Very tempting, except I don’t have a Blu-ray player and a TV to play Full HD. Regret? Not at all. I think I will get better quality watching Blu-ray on a lower-res TV, the same when watching DVD on the old CRT. Really hope the Blu-ray DVD-ROM for PC drops soon.

I didn’t buy the component video cable: I simply used the existing RCA cables. They are all the same: just wires connecting from one end to the other, except for the colour-codes to aid the layman. The result: slight quality improvement, but only on the colour rendition but not on the resolution.

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