More and more and people around me are involved in online business. A colleague just opened a second online shop. And I just completed a project to photo-catalogue clothes for DJV, a new online shop, with several enquiries in queue.

More friends are blogging, not about their private lives, but on product advertorials. Some are putting more effort in their blog content to present journalistic reviews of food and products that they use. Sad to say, reading their blogs is no longer as enjoyable as before – unless the blogs specialise in reviews and advertorials.

Please drop by these online shops if you are interested in the products:

1. DJV – ladies apparel and accessories, “where dreams meet reality”
2. Bedsheepz – beddings for infant and children
3. Gingerbread – online children’s boutique

Bedsheepz and Gingerbread are 2 rather unique online shops where they specialise infant and children products. DJV is selling ladies apparel, something that a lot of people are already doing. What’s different from most other shops is the effort in their web design, their sales materials, as well as the promotional strategy. Currently, they are offering free gifts for purchases over $50, as well as a contest to pick the favourite dress to win prizes. Plus, the clothes and accessories do look rather chic and affordable. How I wish men’s apparel are just as cheap and fun.

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