I never felt I needed a vacation that much.

I felt totally overworked.

I can’t complain, for I need to get the job done.

For today and tomorrow, I am attending a seminar on Team Working. Although many concepts sound familiar, it’s a good excuse to refresh yourself without going for the same course again. So although it might sound repetitive, I appreciate the time and space offered during the context of the workshop to take a step back from the work stress and regroup my thoughts and perspectives.

I just collected the latest Nikon D90 from the T3 Magazine office, and I’ll be bringing it to my vacation to give it a good review. Initially, another friend agreed to lend me his Lumix LX3. This camera has been getting rave reviews for its 24mm wide angle coverage and f2.0 aperture. Not to mention sharp images. Unfortunately, my friend had to withdraw the loan as he has a last-minute overseas trip.

Meanwhile, I’ve completed editing my sis wedding photos. Posted some on my facebook account. I’ll upload them on my flickr account when I regain some breathing space.

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