Going to Hokkaido on a late-Autumn season was a conscious decision. Admittedly, we missed the snow-white winter beauty or the flower-fielded summer romance. What we got was cool weather, fun tour group, and a 7-day journey that will stay with me for a long time to come.

I’m actually not too bothered about getting great scenery or great food. What I look for in vacations is “experience”: it can be good, bad, hot, cold, beautiful, ugly, quiet, noisy, happy, sad. But what really happens in vacations is that you experience something different from your routine life, and that’s good enough for me. The more important question is: how much are you willing to pay for the experience to make it unforgetably meaningful?

Going to Japan is a premium experience, compared to, say, Bangkok. And for a lower price, you get to enjoy similar experience by visiting Korea. And for an even lower price, Taiwan is a great alternative.

Before it all becomes a distant memory, I quickly reviewed the vacation photos and picked the more significant images to share online.

Don’t you feel like sitting at the chair whole day?

A mountain path to Hell’s Valley

A tree stands alone


The tranquil view of Lake Toya. It’s so easy to take great pictures. All you need is a camera and be there.

Sunsetting lavender fields

I decided to use flickr to host these images because flickr seems easier to present my images in a journal fashion, allowing me to write my thoughts on the images and tag notes against specific areas of the images, so that you get to appreciate the images as I see them.

A more comprehensive and non-descript presentation of the 300+ images I choose to show can be found in the following site. Just in case you are interested to see a more complete picture of my vacation.
http://photosg.com/v/hokkaido/ (dead link)

I love this photo taken by my wife using the Fuji F31fd, who caught me in the act of photography. A proof that great photos need not require expensive cameras. Thanks, love.


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