Racheal is my office colleague and I am privileged to be chosen to capture her wedding day moments. Her husband, Douglas, is a charming gentleman. During the wedding banquet speech, he described how the first time he met her and he thought to himself: she would make a beautiful bride. Neither did he expect that she would be his bride.

Reminds me of the first time I met Racheal myself. I remembered very vividly that I met her during a project meeting. When I saw her, I thought to myself: she would make a beautiful photographic subject. After the meeting, I asked her whether she was interested to take portraiture images. Although she agreed, we never did manage to do it. Neither did I expect that she would eventually ask me to shoot for her wedding day. It was definitely not by chance: she saw my wedding portfolio as well as another colleague’s wedding photos which I took, and that probably forged her decision.

Before she left for her honeymoon tomorrow, I sent her these few photos for her preview.

OK, gotta get back to process my sis wedding photos now.

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