Just a quick note that I am back in Singapore. 7 full 24-hour days of visual experience for me. I left home last Sun on 19 Oct 3.30am and returned back home this morning at 3am.

I brought the Nikon D90 review unit to capture the beauty of Hokkaido, thanks to T3 Magazine Singapore. The DSLR performed well, although it lacks many hardware buttons compared to D300. Image-wise, the D90 default processing looks better, and the 18-105mm f3.5-5.6 VR kit lens is sharp enough for casual photography. Shooting at ISO 1600 produces equally great images as long as you don’t compare with lower ISO settings. The video function is useful, but it’s not easy to zoom, focus, and start/stop the recording handheld. There is definitely room for improvement in how DSLRs handle video recording.

I’ll post some photos and write more about the trip after I finish sorting the 1300+ photos I took with the D90.

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