It’s been so long since I added new songs to my playlist. But recently I have been receiving a lot of feedback from friends and site visitors about my playlist, and how they actually visit my site everyday and play the playlist on their PC.

And since I have not done any new songs or arrangements for the longest time, I dug up some of my old tracks that was unpublished.

This new track was once a very popular song on the Mandarin Charts. Leo Ku was a cool-looking actor and an okay singer. “Xi Huan” is a commercially successful song and I arranged this in New Age instrumental style as requested by the album producer. This track, together with “I Believe” and 14 others, was never published.

For those who inquired about the availability of the Mandarin songs, it’s currently unavailable anywhere in the world – except on the IMEEM playlist. You cannot purchase it because these songs are cover versions meaning I have to pay royalties to the original song publishers if I want to make it commercially available (not the case if they are unpublished original compositions). We have to respect commercial laws so that people can continue create music for all to enjoy.

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