T3 Magazine passed me the latest digicam to test.

And I wasn’t impressed.
Not that it’s not good. It’s every inch an F-series.
For those who doesn’t know, the Fujifilm F-series are well known for their high ISO image quality and recently their advancement in face recognition algorithm. These have already been demonstrated in the F100fd, Fujifilm’s flagship model for the F-series, boasting 5x optical zoom.
For F60fd, it’s an improvement over F50fd, with a larger LCD monitor at 3″, the better Face Detection 3.0 just like F100fd. Plus a new Auto Scene Recognition mode that automatically selects the scene mode, like Portrait, Macro, Landscape, etc.
Ya, that’s about it. Internally, the interface remains unchanged, the CCD sensor is the same, the quality is the same.
F60fd is just a camera upgrade and a means of Fujifilm to flood the market with another model in case consumers felt that the F50fd is outdated, which incidentally, was launched just early this year.

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