My friend read about my blog on Google Chrome and he asked me, “So, are you going to review Picasa 3 as well?”

I was like:”What? Picasa 3 is already out?”
Funny how things just came when you least expected it.

I quickly installed it and found some new features that will really change the way you create photos.

Apart from enhancements to existing functions, you can now:
1. Create slideshow movies in WMV format
2. Customise your photo collage better
3. Insert text will rotation capability
4. Retouch image
5. And a few other features that I have found little or no use – yet
When you select to create collages and movies, Picasa will create a new tab so that you can toggle between your creations and the main library. Better still, even after you have created the collage or movie, you can go back anytime to edit them. During collage creation, you can move images around the layout , no longer restricted to the random option.
Here’s a movie collage I created using Picasa 3, using images taken from my latest photostory, The Final Ember. I inserted one of the Piano Spa tracks so that you won’t get bored watching the images. I was unable to synchronise the music to the slides though: there is no option to change the transition period for individual images. Nevertheless, having this feature really simplifies the creation process and I’m sure Picasa 3 will satisfy most users. What do you expect? It’s FREE!


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