Because of the Nikon D700 magazine review, I have planned more shoots that I ever had in the past week. Justifiably-so, because I do not think I will really buy one.

Not that it’s no good. It’s fantastic, that is why I am creating opportunities for me to experience the technological marvel. But I feel that the FX format is yet to mature. Specifically, the 51-area sensor is not spread across the entire FX frame, something that puts me off because it shows that Nikon is cutting corners and deploying the same AF sensor as the DX format.

And after Deon’s shoot, I am holding back more, because I get to find out that my current Capture NX and Lightroom do not support D700 RAW image processing. Both software just released new versions, so it is very unlikely they will release an update for the old software. Therefore, if I do purchase D700, software costs have to be factored.

So for the shoot I did with Zoe and Emilia yesterday, I used both D300 and D700 interchangeably. For shots where I get sufficient light to shoot below ISO 400, I use D300 (so that I can process my RAW). For shots that the D300 loses in noise, I switch to D700 (RAW+JPG Fine). Where I require wider coverage, I shoot with D700 and 24-70mm. Where I require zoom, I couple D300 with 80-200mm.

Out of 1000 shots, here are 2 images taken (I think) with D300.

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