The weekend was busy with a half-day photoshoot and the rest of the time with Baby. She was ill after the MMR vaccination on Thursday. Her temperature went on a roller-coaster ride, hovering around 37.5 degrees. Personally I don’t think that’s a concern because most docs we’ve consulted say that you should be concerned more with the baby’s behaviour more than the baby’s temperature. If baby has higher-than-normal temperature but still behaves normally, that’s fine.

Mayenne’s condition compounded with the recurring running nose. Previously it was blocked nose so we were frantically trying to clear her ‘gold’. This time round, it was runny – just like ol’ Daddy. Problem is, she doesn’t know how to blow her nose, so that probably irrirated her. She hasn’t been eating well over the weekend, and we don’t know whether it’s her fever or her nose. The only recourse is to feed her the fever and flu medication, but it didn’t help and she got fussed up and cried, thus increasing the mucus in her nose.

Sometimes, I wonder whether we should leave her symptons alone since she was not particularly behaving sickly. If we force the medication, she would turn upset and all the “sickly” symptons would surface.

Some people feel that baby should be left to build her own anti-bodies against the common illness. Others feel that medication must be administered to fight the viruses.

All I know is that whichever option we take, it is always for the baby’s best interest. That’s more important than trying to insist which is the better option. After all, there is no scientific proof to claim which is really better, and that is the situation that we will have to live with for many generations – until proven. It’s just like determining whether mobile phones causes brain cancer.


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