This album was published by Warner Music Korea in 2006. A 2CD album featuring songs by Laura Fygi, Ray Charles, Renee Olstead, Chester Tan, Maksim, Ennio Morricone… wait a minute. Is my name in that list?


I found out about this album 2 years ago. Since then, I tried many means to get hold of the album, but this album is only available in Korea. I even asked friends and friends’ friends who were going to Korea to help find the CD at shops, but to no avail. Ironically, this CD is readily available for sale on many Korean online websites!

Eventually, through Facebook, I found out that an ex-student from the ballet school, Sue-Ann, was there for a student exchange programme. I asked her to help, and she managed to get a copy! Today I finally met her to pass me the CD.

There was also a Korean write-up. Sue-Ann helped to translate:

“Chester Tan,began learning to play the piano at the age of 5. After entering university, he combined ‘computer MIDI’ together with his major to create dynamic and simple music, becoming Singapore’s first pianist to release an album. The album, Body and Heart (or Body and Soul) was released in 2004, in the album , which consisted of classical new age songs that were calm and served to soothe the senses. Songs/sounds that serve to relax and encourage meditation will warm your heart and awaken your senses.”

The part about me being “Singapore’s first pianist to release an album” is so blatantly unreal. It’s so embarrassing if Koreans really believed that. It sounded like Singapore doesn’t have great pianists worthy of album releases.

And I wonder why of all the tracks they chose “Heart and Soul”. It’s definitely not one of my better works. That goes to show how music tastes differ vastly with individuals.

But still, it’s so surreal to find my song in the same album compilation as some of the greatest artists around the world. Thanks to Warner for using the track from my Piano Spa album and most importantly, credit my name as the composer and artist on this CD.

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