One year ago, I remembered going to Singapura Finance wanting to withdraw my matured fixed deposit amount, but was rejected because I went too late and the principal amount was already auto-committed for another year. If I were to terminate the account then, the penalty would be hefty. So I marked my calendar and told myself that one year later, I will close the FD. I even went to the branch 3 weeks before maturity and hope to request in advance for a standing order to send the principal amount in cheque. No, they said. Have to wait for maturity date.

So one year has arrived. And I nearly missed the dateline again. Today is my company D&D so we had permission to leave office early. I left at 3.40pm and drove hastily to the AMK branch, reaching there at 3.59pm – one minute to closure. After 10 minutes of paperwork, I got my money in cheque. And that ends my relationship with that financial company.

Amazing how time passes by, so quickly.

And to think of what I have achieved. So little, so much.

That’s how my life will be.

One year. One year.

Some photos of Mayenne which I picked at random.

Loved her making funny faces. Shows that she’s a happy baby.

Instead of mulling which photo to show, I did a montage.

Mayenne’s first swim.

Mayenne playing Tamagotchi

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