Today I did a regular routine filter on my Gmail spam folder to make sure the spam engine did not filter out valid emails.

To my horror, I found 2 emails enquiring for my photography services.

To my relief, the emails are dated within the past 7 days.

Speaking of photography, Cathay Photo has added a new product, called the ExpoImaging Rayflash Ringflash Adapter. Instead of purchasing a bulky studio ringflash that powers on AC, the ringflash adapter fits into your hotshoe flash unit (currently only fits Canon and Nikon flashes) and channels the light to the adapter. The product manufacturer claims you lose only one-stop of light.

The catch is that this “simple” device costs around US$300. And Cathay Photo is selling for S$500.

For a piece of plastic that has zero electronic components, I must say it’s really over-priced. It’s almost the price of a high-end sophisticated flash unit.

But I think for photographers who can afford that kind of price, this adapter will really help.

And I truly believe that there is such a thing as ‘photography enquiry season’. For today, I suddenly received numerous enquiries for my photography services. Time to get busy again…


  1. Was surfing through the web and happen to come across this blog. Was a little surprise + happy. Cos I was from NTU Hall V and I remember you as being a very talented musician, but din know that ur photography skills are so good as well.

    Keep up ur good work!

  2. Hi shopping tips, thanks for remembering me. Who are our common friends? What activities did you join in Hall V? Let’s catch up over email or facebook. Cheers.

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