2 weeks ago, I received a request to do a photoshoot for an experienced runway model wanting to venture into print assignments. She wanted a natural and soft look, not heavy made-up or glamorous kind.

Sounds like my kind of style.

Here are the results of the shoot.

At 176cm, Emilia is the tallest model that I have ever worked with. She is taller than me. Good thing my job as a photographer doesn’t require me standing side-by-side next to her: she’s either seated or standing at a distance away.

It’s been a very long time since I shot a model (my assignments are mostly on non-model clients), and I almost forgot how easy it was to photograph one who knows how to pose. I enjoy shooting people who are confident in themselves and comfortable in front of the camera, because the confidence and ease show on their faces and they give impact to the photos I take.


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