Father’s Day was just another day, which is perfectly fine. We had lunch with my family with guest appearance by Angie’s mum at Peach Garden at OCBC Centre. After a usually-delicious meal with a mouth-opening view, Angie and I went to catch the movie, Kungfu Panda. It is totally entertaining, more so because of the China Kungfu theme. Dreamworks has captured the essence of the Chinese culture with this animation, and infused child-like humour that is their trademark.

We had some time to spare before the movie screened, so we hanged in Popular bookstore. I walked past the local books section and a book caught my eye. “Final Notes from a Great Island” by Neil Humphreys. A quick read of the prologue got me hooked. I proceed to finish about 3 chapters before it’s time to enter the cinema.

Neil’s sense of humour is the selling point for the book. The way he describes the things around Singapore enlightens even us locals to see things in a different way. It’s been years since I touched a novel and Neil caught my attention. I’ll be looking around for the omnibus edition and maybe read it during my next vacation.

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