We had another birthday party for Mayenne last Sunday. We invited Angie’s relatives plus a few colleagues and friends.

In our previous party, my parents did all the decorations. This time around, we did everything by ourselves. Fortunately, there is a large common area at my mum-in-law’s flat, so we used that for our party.

Mayenne wasn’t as enthusiastic as last week, maybe she was “kissed” on her face by bugs. Also, she was being carried throughout as the party was held outdoors.

But she soon warmed up to the kids, which was really the best part of the party. Kids are always the centre of attraction, especially when they are cute and adorable.

We bought the cake from the same cake shop, ordering back the Lychee Martini but changed the top tier to another flavour. We chose ‘Winnie the Pooh’ theme not because Mayenne likes him, but more because of the soft toy on top of the cake and those little figurines that looked rather nice, albeit non-original.

Mayenne got ‘saboed’ by Grandad.

Immediately after the cake-cutting, we passed the teddy bear soft toy on the cake to Mayenne, and she cuddled it tightly. Within minutes, she dozed off.

For more photos, visit http://photosg.com/v/mayenne-18052008/


  1. i remember the first time i read your blog, Mayenne was just a little baby. Time really flied, she has turned 1yo. Happy birthday, little Mayenne…

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