Mayenne will have 2 official birthday parties. First one was held last Sunday, to coincide with her Lunar birthday.

We started off the day with Mayenne soiling the entire bed, no thanks to her diapers who was so full that it could not contain the poo. So Mummy has to remove all the bedsheets to clean. (Unfortunately, her favourite bolster has to be thrown away because it was deem unwashable)

We went to my Grandma’s house where the ancestral tablet is for the ritual blessings. Mayenne had fun picking the “symbolic items”, a custom that all toddlers go through which could determine her future career. Mayenne picked the book first because it was conveniently the closest to her.

The celebration continues at my parent’s house, where we invited relatives and friends and enjoyed Mayenne’s good behaviour and entertainment.

Beautiful and delicious lychee martini cake from Pine Garden.

Who’s the happy girl?

Taking a ride on her birthday gift.
But she still prefers going all-fours.
The party ended about 5pm. Mayenne didn’t sleep the entire afternoon, and was instantly knocked-out the moment she got in the car.

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