Every parent with a toddler and who subscribes to StarHub Cable TV’s Playhouse Disney Channel will know who Pocoyo is.

It’s an adorable digital animation in 6-minute episodes teaching children about values.

The series is conceptualised by a Spain company, but the animation contains strong Japanese anime influences. The characters design is outstanding that even adults love them.

Pocoyo, Loula, Pato, Sleepy Bird (on Pato’s beak), and Elly

Pocoyo has won dozens of international awards for its quality, and has sold to over 100 countries around the world, including Japan and Arabia. So you see, it has global reach.

Here’s the official blog site that details the journey of creating these lovable characters. http://www.pocoyo.blogs.com/

Pocoyo shows at StarHub Cable TV Channel 34 – Disney Playhouse – on 9am and 8pm daily.

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