It’s rare to hear something profound coming out from me wifey. So if something of that nature is posted on she blog, then it must be quite serious.

You know what they (the wise people) say that you always fail to treasure something until it’s gone. I’ve been struggling with myself on fulfilling my personal goals and meeting my family duties.

I realise that some of my personal goals do not quite complement with my family duties. I tried to find a balance and understanding over the past months, but it looks like it’s not developing positively.

At the same time, family time is increasing since Mayenne. Last Wednesday I attended the Shichida Parent Course. The director, Jocelyn Khoo, gave a long and inspiring speech about how the importance of bonding between parent and child will determine the success of the programme for the child. The Shichida Method is not a course only for children, but also a learning journey for the parent. It is a family life-changing commitment, starting from the fundamental emotional attitude towards the child, to finding the right materials to enrich the child’s mind.

I appreciate me wifey’s understanding over the past 20 months, from the time she got pregnant till this moment when Mayenne is reaching one year old. I thank her for letting me explore and develop my personal goals.

One of my affiliates doing wedding videography recently ended his business to concentrate on his career and family. I too am looking at following his footsteps.

For the regular blog readers, some who are my past clients, a few probably are my current clients who have booked me, would be sad or even worried that I won’t be able to fulfill their assignments. For those that I committed, I will definitely do. As for the rest, I might still take on assignments selectively. Definitely will not stop doing assignments altogether, unless I lose the use of my hands.

Well, that’s my current plan for now. You never know what will happen in the next 8 months, but at least I know where I am heading – an end.

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