Red Nano for the Red Dot

Today, the Straits Times (and probably many other national newspapers) features large prominent adverts on Red Nano, the new search engine created by SPH (Singapore Press Holdings) solely on the Singapore market. It makes sure that all the search results are localised to Singapore context. One of the methods is to pick up keywords unique to Singapore, for instance, street names, food terms, even Singlish.

So this morning I tested it out, using keywords like “Chester Tan”, “Piano Spa”, “Dance Photographer”, “Ballet Accompanist”, “Piano Composer”, “Photo Story”, “Rock On Piano”. Happy to say, my site came up as the top of the search list, while some other keywords like “Wedding Photographer”, “Portrait Photographer” came up within the first page.

What really surprises me is that when I search using the keyword “Timeless”, my first CD album also came up tops on the search engine! Seriously, I have no idea how it got there.

Haha this is so exciting! Feels like as if this search engine is created for me!

Red Nano is really great, not just because of the above. Now, using Red Nano, I can search for sites that is truly from within Singapore. No longer do I need to dig through pages of Google to find relevant local sites.

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