With so much competition on the network community portal, it’s no wonder the once-popular Friendster is trying so hard to keep up by introducing new features. But unfortunately, some of the features are flawed and will cost them dearly.

There was one feature called ‘Fan Profile’. On one look, I thought it will tag your current Friendster account with this new feature. So I went to add it to my current account.

Ever since I added that, I realised that I am no longer able to view the profiles of my friends whom I’ve added. They became ‘restricted profile’.

So I emailed to Friendster support and this is what they replied.

Please note, if your profile is converted to a Fan Profile we will not be able to switch it back to a regular profile. Fan Profiles are for entities looking to promote themselves to millions of friendster members. Regular profiles are for people that want to keep a network of friends. Please take this into account before submitting this form.

OK so I screwed up. On one action, I have converted my friends to become ‘fans’ and now I can no longer access to their private information.

Help me here, but I think Facebook has such a feature allowing you to create ‘pages’ that works just like this ‘fan’ thingie, except that Facebook lets you create a separate fan profile and not affect your personal profile. I dare not try in Facebook, lest I get the same irreversible result.

So what are my recourse? I could a) Create another Friendster account and add all my friends and photos and profile details all over again; or b) Delete my account; or c) Leave the profile alone and totally give up on Friendster.

I choose c).

So, so long, Friendster. You no longer serve any purpose since I cannot view my dear friends’ restricted information.


  1. Hi,

    I’d say that, friendster now is almost dead.

    Even the new features added are not comparable to Facebook’s on any level.

    I’ve switched over to Facebook and have not looked back since. It’s the in-thing now.


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