Bangkok is a place that most shopaholics wouldn’t miss. And if you do a search on Singapore bloggers, you’ll probably find hundreds of blog articles on this shopping haven.

But this blog is special for me, because this is the first vacation post since I started blogging in Nov 2006. In other words, I have not left Singapore since then.

On 6 April morning, my parents fetched us to the airport (T1) with Mayenne on tow. After a fast check-in, we walked around the airport and visited the new Terminal 3. It was huge and spacious.

After some photo-taking, we went into Immigration. We were surprised that we can now process the immigration via an automated station. First, we scan our passport, then we scan our thumbprint. Cool.

We also realised that we can visit T3 while inside the duty-free zone, so we took the Skytrain and did some shopping there.

The flight to Bangkok was 2 hours. At the airport, we met our tour representative and found that instead of Baiyoke Sky Hotel, we were booked at Grand Diamond Suites Hotel, which was our first choice when we booked the tour package but was informed later that they only managed to get Baiyoke Sky. After some research, we were quite excited to stay at Baiyoke Sky because it was the tallest hotel in Bangkok and the hotel starts from 18th floor all the way to 88th floor. The advantage of Grand Diamond however, was its close proximity to the shopping areas that we wanted to go.

After some nerve-wrecking journey where the driver snaked through the tightest alley and the most-crowded streets, we arrived at the hotel and found ourselves in a suite room with living area, kitchen, dining table, plus a huge toilet with shower area on one side and a bathtub on the other. When looking at the floor plan, I realised that our room is the smallest in the hotel.

Without delay, we started our shopping at 4pm (Bangkok time). It was such a coincidence that we met a uni mate who worked there.

We headed to MBK and spent 5 hours there till the shops are closed. Then we took a cab back to hotel and ended our Day 1.

Above: all-ladies string trio in mini skirts never fails to attract attention.
Below: anyone fancy watching paint artists in action?

On Day 2, we shopped at Pratunam in the morning and Central World in the afternoon. Central World was so huge that we barely covered half of the mall. In fact, we completely missed the entire Zen department store. Found some great photography books at Asia Books worth 2000 baht.

Above: They are selling mannequins.
Below: the pedestrian walkway in front of Central World is even wider than the traffic road next to it!
Inside Central World: it’s so huge that people looked like ants!

We had to rush back to hotel at 7pm to drop our shopping bags and headed down to Divana Spa. This is my very first time experiencing spa treatment. The 150-min “Spa Exotique” treatment consists of Body Brush, Carnation Oil Cover, Herbal Steam, Body Scrub, Body Mud, and finally Body Massage. I enjoyed it well, but I’m not really a spa-goer, so guess I won’t try again unless coerced.

Above: welcome drink at the reception.
Below: photos of the treatment room. Photos doesn’t look as soothing or relaxing because I shot using Fuji F31 with flash. The ambience was definitely better and dimmer.

Day 3 is our final day, so we shopped at the malls next to our hotel, the Platinum Mall (wholesale mall) and Panthip Plaza (IT mall). Actually, I was only given 1 hour to shop at Panthip, because my wife kept hanging at Platinum till 3pm. And within that hour, I spent over 3000 baht. Talk about speed shopping.

Above: SHOES!!!
Below: food court similar to Singapore. They have Chinese, Japanese, Western, and of course Thai food.

Our tour driver came to pick us up at 4.30pm and we zoomed to the airport. We wanted to claim the 7% VAT, but due to some mis-information, we didn’t realise that we needed to get Customs to verify the goods at the Immigration area before we can get the claim inside the duty-free zone. We thought that the verification is inside the duty-free zone as well. Anyway, there goes 400 baht.

Our flight was 7.20pm. We reached Singapore at about 11.30pm (Singapore time) and reached home around midnight.

3 days 2 nights is definitely not enough for a lady, but it’s pretty sufficient for me. We missed out on seeking dining hotspots because we have to eat around the shopping area. Besides, we aren’t particular on food.

For those who doesn’t mind staying in budget hotels, there are packages like 5D4N at $298. But if you wanna pamper yourself staying at posh hotels, then be prepared to pay a lot more, which I feel is really not worth it, considering you spend less than a third of your time there.

All photos shot using Fuji Finepix F31fd. All images as is from camera, no image adjustment done.

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