This evening after work, I drove home via CTE as usual. Then I saw the traffic billboard warning on a road accident causing jam from Moulmein. After driving a distance, the second billboard shows that it happened at Lane 1 (the fastest lane) near Braddell exit, and I happened to be at Lane 1. Instead of cutting out to Lane 2, I keep to my lane and drove slowly all the way till I reached the accident area. And what I saw gave me the chills.

It was a 10-car pile-up. All cars, mostly sedan, a few MPVs. One of the MPVs was on top of another car that rammed it so hard that it slid under the MPV, lifting the rear wheel up at a 45-degree. The rest of the vehicles looks ok, most probably just a bump or a dent.

It was a heart-wrenching sight, firstly to see vehicles being ruined, secondly I can’t imagine how the drivers or passengers would have felt in the cars, especially the uplifted MPV.

Although it appears to be no bloodshed, it was heart-wrenching because most of the drivers are probably victims. It makes me think twice about keeping too close a distance from the front vehicle, because you never know when there is an emergency stop, and you never know whether the car behind you can stop in time, even though you drove safely. Sometimes, in a smooth-driving condition, you may take for granted and follow the car in front at a close distance, perhaps a 2-car distance. But that is still not sufficient in an emergency stop situation.

But man will never learn until it happens to himself.

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