3 weeks back, my life was at a crossroad.

This week, the crossroad presented a traffic light direction, and I turned towards that and moved on.

Basically, my schedule for the next 3 months is already filled.

Well, it sounds like I have assignments every other day, or week. But no.

As a freelancer, I take pride in my work. I do not apply formula. I re-create ideas from scratch.

So, I need a lot of time to think through my ideas and thoughts, to let it grow and nurture into the final product.

In short, I have 5 shoots and 1 music project planned till June. Plus 2 ballet exams that I’m playing. Oh yes, I’m still looking for ballet pianists.

Once a while, I do get last minute requests that caught me off-guard, but nonetheless refreshing.

For instance, last Monday Madeleine requested for an outdoor bikini photoshoot. Madeleine chose me because she wanted a healthy relaxed theme and not those sleazy stuffs. Most importantly, she needed new portfolio for her castings.

The shoot took place 5 days later on the Saturday morning.

I only edited about 10 pics for her casting, and still got about 670 other images to review.


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