Since the beginning of the Lunar New Year of the Rat, I have been sleeping very late every night, partly because I wanted to stay up for Mayenne’s feed so that Mummy didn’t have to wake up from her beauty sleep. Other reason is to rush out many projects.

See, the faster I finish one project, the more time I have for other things (including rest). There is no point putting aside tasks that you have to finish the next day anyway.

As my wife aptly put: I am overloaded. And I agreed instantly.

Still, I think I can still afford to rev my engine to my limits a little more. The most important thing is to know when to release the accelerator and cruise in life.

So, in yesterday’s case, I stopped the engine and went to sleep at 10pm.

And the reason why I can (and want to) sleep earlier is because I have just completed one milestone project. My latest photostory with Nikki.


A little background: Nikki is a freelance model and pet groomer. She wanted me to create a photostory after she saw Madeleine’s about 8 months back. After a few email exchanges of photo references, we got on to do the shoot one afternoon.

Just like any of my photoshoots, we are limited by budget, so that shoot has to take place at her house instead of some exotic residential location or hotel. I also cannot do wide angle shots since the house is not presentable.

The design of the photobook is also different from my previous ones. It’s more ‘fluid’ and soft because I purchased a new software to aid in design layout.

Theme-wise, there wasn’t much to play around because we are restricted to the boundaries of the house. So I picked the theme of her in bed, playing with her favourite toys, playing on her piano, and basking in the window light.

Click the image below to launch the photobook.

Nikki Photostory


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