Hello, common cold, my old friend.

I had runny nose the whole of yesterday at work, and it was a situation that was almost second nature to me as I have had such occurrences quite often since young. But after work, I got home and it felt quite terrible, so I decided to go to bed right after my bath.

9pm: I started sleeping.
7.30am: I woke up. I asked my body if I am fit for work. Body responded negative. I went back to sleep.
9.15am. I woke up. SMS my colleague that I’m going on MC. Went to see doc.
10am. Returned home. Had breakfast. Sleep.
2pm: Woke up. Had lunch. Sleep.
7pm. Woke up. Went to buy dinner.
8.30pm. Here I am, typing this post.

Hopefully I am well enough to start work tomorrow. Lots of projects waiting to be done. That’s one of the reason why I decided to drop everything and rest. Because I know that once I am well, I can put in my full effort in the tasks.

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