I was cleaning up my PC folders and found old photos I took in various occasions. Every shot brings back memories instantly.

Digital photography has enabled us to view these photos without the fuss of digging out dusty physical albums stored in some forgotten corners of the store room. Now, all it takes is to click and the images are displayed on the PC screen. Or purchase the digital photo frame that displays digital photos through a photo frame-like LCD monitor.

I still prefer still images to video because still images allow us to let our imagination and memories fill up the missing pieces. Photos are also easier to distribute and manipulate for sharing. Videos, on the other hand, presents the actual motion that denies the need for us to recall what actually happened. It is also more challenging to present it in a viewable format.

But it’s always good to have both. I would record videos just for archival purpose (“pardon the shaky hands”) while photos are used to present the memories. The photo printer does come handy as I print photos to give to our parents.

And here are some of the beautiful memories of Mayenne, undoubtedly the centre of all attentions. Everywhere we go, every house we visit, everyone’s eyes are on her. This blog is not an exception.

Peering out, curious as always.

She loves banging on the computer keyboard, and I had to hold her back from ruining my $120 wireless keyboard.

Montage taken during her feed on mashed rice. She enjoys so much that she sucks on her lips, earning her the “Popeye” look.

Another montage of her exploration with a huge refrigerated Fuji Apple (“cold cold!”).

Sinking her mouth on whatever comes in her way.

Reaching out for whatever comes in her face.

Always on the lookout for the camera.

Her first CNY ang pow – received in her sleep.


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