One day I decided not to manually clear my Gmail spam folder and let it grow. Today, after about 30 days, it finally reached 10000.

If I get $1 for every spam mail I am forced to read, I can quit my day job.

Today is 29 Feb 2008, a leap-year day. I applied leave to run some errands, one of which is to send my car for paint protection re-glazing at Tuffi. After the cleaning, my car looks sparkling shiny.

I also booked a vacation to Bangkok from our favourite tour agent (third time), but we didn’t pay the cheapest package, coz Angie wanted to stay at a better hotel. On hindsight, we should have done our DIY package by booking budget airlines and online hotel booking, but guess we’re not the adventurous type. In fact, there was one 4-night package at $299 but it was too long. How ironical, we had to pay more to stay a shorter duration.

Today is also the last day of service for our babysitter. My mother-in-law is ready to take care of Mayenne from next week. Initially, we were afraid that the babysitter would not take the news well. But today she told us that she already found a new baby to care for.

I have been personally giving the midnight feed to Mayenne. I enjoy the midnight feed because she would drink with her eyes closed, and after the feed, she would fall back into sleep. It always gives me good feeling watching Mayenne taking the feed restfully, eyes closed. The feeling that I, a Daddy, is doing something right for my baby to enjoy herself. This is also the only time that I can observe her in peace.

While Mummy likes to play and excite her, I like to give her the “silence” treatment. I would bring her to the window and she would watch the vehicles on the road earnestly. Or I would let her play with the toys and I would see how she reacts. I hope that I can make her more independent and have more self-awareness rather than always looking out to others for entertainment. Angie is also trying to train her to be less reliant on us, by leaving her alone on the bed. But it’s hard to ignore her persistently loud pleas.

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