I spent a great Saturday with my wife. We started with breakfast at a coffee shop at Sin Ming, followed by movie at GV Grand. Then lunch at our favourite outlet, Kenny Roger’s Roasters, afterwhich we headed down to Isetan Scotts to shop for baby stuff. Finally we drove to Ikea Tampines to get a high chair for baby and popped by Giant for more baby groceries. Although these activities aren’t my favourites, it’s the company that matters.

We watched “No Country For Old Men” in an empty cinema hall save for a couple of Caucasians. We finished the movie with a big question mark in our minds. Just what is the movie really all about? I went home and read some blogs posted by reviewers and began to appreciate the movie more. I definitely HAVE to watch it again in order to fully appreciate the excellent acting by the entire cast. Really, in this movie, I must say EVERY CAST did an excellent job in bringing out the emotions.

This movie is not for the casual moviegoers. It’s very – in Singlish – cheem. In fact, we suspect the rest of the audience haven’t a clue when the movie ended abruptly, given the subtle verbal reactions we heard from them. It’s the kind of movie that you could never watch at home in DVD because you would be so bored and distracted. The sound design in the movie is very meticulous. In one scene, the actor was calling the hotel receptionist in this small-time hotel in the middle of the night. You can really hear the telephone ringing faintly at the distant reception area. It’s an intense experience watching it in a cinema hall.

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