After a 4-day celebration, it’s back on track to our daily routine lives.

In a way, I’m glad it’s over, not that I don’t enjoy a break. Actually, it’s not a break, as we go house to house to spread good tidings the Chinese way.

I think many parents, with the dads at a higher probability, would rather go back to work than to be at home with the children.

See, the thing with public holidays is that you cannot predict what everyone’s doing.

Say, on a normal routine weekday, you know that most adults are at work, and most students are studying. Or during a school holiday period, students would be either loafing at home or at shopping malls or working part-time.

On a long public holiday, however, everyone’s MIA. Plus, the SMS gateway is jammed with greetings, that one SMS would take up to 12 hours to get to the recipient.

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to have a chance to do a photoshoot on the first day of Chinese New Year, shooting at places where it is usually and always crowded. I can imagine doing shoots depicting some end-of-the-world kindda theme where you see no one on the major streets.

I doubt that day will never come. I mean, the shoot.

I hope that day will never come. I mean, the end-of-the-world.

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