I left office today at 6.20pm, picked up wife and went for dinner. Reached home at 8.15pm after getting stuck in a massive jam along a 400 metre stretch at Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 between Ave 1 and Ave 3. And while we waited, the radio broadcasted the news mentioning that the inflation rate for this month is the highest growth ever, thanks to rising food costs. And the reason of rising costs is the lack of supply caused by increased demand from developing countries and reduced supply caused by weather anomalies.

There will come a time when all the money in the world cannot buy the very food that feeds us. Maybe we should think of how to protect the home that we call Earth. We spend thousands of dollars beautifying our house, air-condition the whole house, yet we do not care about the larger environment that houses our house. We care less about how the environment outside our nest is being ruined as long as we make ourselves comfortable in our own house. Every gallon of cool air we produce in our house results in another gallon of heat we generate outside. We can never eliminate energy: we merely transfer the energy from one place to another.

Energy can also be transferred from person to person – not heat, but emotions. While driving today, I experienced a few positive incidences where motorists gave way for me to cut into my lane without the usual beaming or horning. I felt pleasant after the experience, which resulted in me doing the same, giving way to motorists without horning or beaming. Consider this: the horning and beaming is to alert the motorists of the potential danger they are causing. But if you are aware of them cutting into your lane and you are able to slow down or stop in time for them to cut into your lane, why horn? But most motorists do that because they want to ‘scold’ them for cutting in. In doing that, you transfer the negative energy from one to another. The motorist who cuts into the lane will also feel the hostility and that negative energy will stay in him, waiting to be pounced to the next victim on the road.

Back at home, Mayenne is still as grouchy. Even when Uncle Cedric came over this evening to pass us some baby products he bought for us, Mayenne was crying for Mummy. Yes, she is officially Mama’s girl. And I am ‘free’ from the responsibility of entertaining her, because I can no longer make her interested in me. But I still am the official rock-a-bye lullaby-er who puts her to sleep, only if she is too tired to differentiate Mummy from Daddy thus falls asleep in my arms.

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