Some of you may not get emotional over this, but if you are a Dad yourself, and if your daughter is still in her infanthood or childhood or if you love her a lot despite being in the rebellious stage of adolescence, then this commercial will really really hit you.

I cried because the “promise to love” the Dad in the commercial has on his daughter is so intense, and the editing of the commercial makes you see the flashback moments from the birth through the daughter’s growth over the years, and makes you see why the Dad is actually capable of forgiving his daughter.

I cried because of the thought that this unfortunate incident could happen to me somewhere down the road of time.

Commercials stylise reality. Yes, in real life the Dad might eventually forgive his daughter, albeit in a less-romantic way. In real life, the daughter might behave so innocent. In real life, you would not remember all the good times in such a beautiful manner. In real life, you have to face the society.

But the commercial touches on one fundamental element. The element of love. Visual arts can make you focus on the elements that they want to convey. So just put away all the “it-won’t-have-such-happy-ending-in-real-life” argument and let your emotions take a ride.


  1. I cried too… the video touches me not only from the perspective of a parent with daughter, but as a daughter of my parents too…

    Love is a never-ending cycle…

  2. I just watched it again, without sound. I thought I won’t get swayed again, but I still feel my emotion stirring up. It’s really good film editing. It’s really my tear-jerker clip.

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