As the day goes by, the amount of joy derived from the bundle lessens. Her behaviour and her routine would change every few weeks. Previously, I have been putting her to sleep in my arms with ease. But this week, she appears to yearn more for Mummy. In fact, she was wailing inconsolably when I tried to put her to bed. Having said that, she is beginning to sleep through the night once again.

She also smiles less, and it’s taking more than a tickle to make her laugh. She takes great interest at things around her except giving eye contact to people in front of her. Her temper characteristics are starting to show. She can be quite demanding and she would push away toys that she doesn’t like. In fact, she would want the toys to be out of her sight. When she still saw the toy at a distance, she would go at lengths to reach for it, and instead of playing with it, she would push them aside.

Perhaps this is because we spend so little time with her on weekdays. Let’s hope this is a mere passing phase. Let’s hope that Angie’s mum recovers soon to babysit Mayenne.

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