For the past weeks, putting Mayenne to sleep has been an onerous task. We usually coax her to sleep on our arms, but when we transferred her to the bed, the first thing she always does is to turn to her tummy and starts to fuss. Only if we carry her long enough that she would keep still. Even so, it’s highly likely that she would toss and wake up within an hour – except when she gets really tired.

Mayenne has also been waking up many times throughout the night. And it’s not for feeds. She can no longer sleep through the night. And she also wakes up very early, sometimes as early as 4am.

Even if we try to feed her regularly, she doesn’t take as much milk. We suspect she has taken a liking for more more solid food.

But she’s growing, and learning, becoming more child than an infant. She can now crawl animatedly and reaches for anything around her. She plays with her toys enthusiastically, on hand and on mouth.

Last Saturday, we brought her to see the Christmas tree at Ngee Ann City, possibly the largest indoor tree in Singapore. She always behaves in public, for she indulges in the new sights and sounds that surrounds her, so much so that she often forgets she is hungry.

Here are some other shots I took of her at home.

1. If she looked sickly, that is because she was. But we find her aloof look so adorable.

2. Here’s one for daddy.
3. Happy with her favourite toy.

4. Always on the lookout for the camera.

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