Some news on my music albums.

First, my latest rock song piano album is out. ROCK ON PIANO is a 2-CD 24-track piano interpretation of some of the best soft rock songs on the planet. I have not got hold of one myself yet, but it should look like a DVD box, like this:

Second, my Piano Spa albums have extended its presence to the mobile domain. Currently, SingTel and StarHub are offering selected tracks for download into your mobile phones. Now you can enjoy relaxing therapeutic songs anywhere you go. But if I were you, I would grab the 3-CD 30-track album instead of downloading. At about $20, each track costs only $0.60, and you can convert and download onto whatever player you got. I do hope you can still find them, because music stores typically do not keep stocks of “old” albums. In time, Piano Spa albums would have become a collector’s item. In fact, only the first press comes with the elongated packaging. Subsequent prints are packed in the normal thick jewel casings.


  1. Thanks for your relaxing and soul touching songs on Rock On Piano Album, especially track 07.Love Will Keep Us Alive. Keep up the good work!

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