I have no idea that I have actually blogged for more than a year already! It all started in 1 Nov 2006 and now I am in my 14th month.

Using Google Analytics, I can track where my readers come from, and I do notice I have a few regular readers, and that kindda puts me in a little pressure to update the blog so that they know what’s happening in my life. And after blogging for a year, I feel that the one benefit of reading a person’s blog is not really to be ‘kaypo’, but actually to read a person’s point of view and learn from these thoughts. I am not any philosopher, but I have my way of living life which I feel is keeping me quite happy and contented.

Each blogger has their own agenda. Some for fame, some for attention, some to network. There is no right or wrong. There are no rules to blogging. No one should impose what a person can write. If you don’t like what you see or read, just don’t visit again. The ironic thing is that, these “blogger-haters” want to leave their mark there because they know their comments will be read by a lot of people on these popular blogs. Agenda: fame/infamy.

So what’s my blog’s agenda?

I think I’ve mostly kept to my initial objective: to share my personal thoughts on music, photography, life. In the first months of blogging, I tried to blog everyday, writing about my events – a diary. Then I realised that it’s not appropriate. A diary is a log of your personal stuffs. A blog is a diary of your personal stuffs that you want people to read. You either make sure that you have a hoard of people interested in your daily routine (not a problem with girls blog with lots of photos) or your blog has information worth reading on.

So for 14 months, I have shared photos (mostly of my newborn girl), music (mostly piano arrangements of pop songs, only these I can post them online for full listen), and life (mostly as a multi-tasking dad). I cannot guarantee that my blog will sustain the “interestability”, but it’s quite a good indicator of my life. If it gets too dull, that means my life is as smooth and boring as a paper.

Thank you for visiting my blog again and again. Happy Birthday to me and Merry Christmas to you.

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