Every morning, my wife would tune in to Class95 radio station to listen to the radio deejays Glenn Ong and the Flying Dutchman talking sense (and often non-sense too). This morning, Glenn and Carol was on radio and they were mentioning about the car decal goodie giveaway happening at Bishan Stadium. Since it’s near our home, we decided to go pick up the goodies.

When we reached the entrance of the car park, it was already 7pm. The car queue did not flow outside the car park so we thought it was rather short. Neither did we expect that this car park was deep! It snaked behind the swimming pool and the sports complex for a good 20 minutes before we saw the lorry of goodies – cartons of Whatever and Anything. The giveaway was very systematically executed: cars were asked to stop at 4 ‘stations’ where helpers would load the cartons to the cars and the cars would drive away in less than 10 seconds.

It so happened that my car stopped right in front of Carol Smith’s station, and it kindda caught me by surprise. Firstly, I did not expect her to be around when it was almost 7.30pm. Secondly, I did not expect her to be at my ‘loading station’.

My windscreen was already wound down at the start of the queue thanks to the cool weather, so Carol saw us and said hi and continued, “Oh, what a big beautiful smile you’ve got there… well, I would too if I were you!” And I just smiled too, practically dumbfound, loss of words. After the cartons were loaded up, she wished us a merry Christmas and I drove off quickly not wanting to hold up the queue.

Thinking back, I would really want to say to her how appreciative we are to see her there and grateful to the Class95 crew for the goodies – and probably shake her hand, take a photo, whatever. But I’m not a very quick person when it comes to communicating, and this is not the first time. I would always reflect on myself after incidents were over only to regret what I did not say or do. Because I am basically a very “thought-full” person: I won’t do something until I have completed my thought process and decided on my course of action.

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