I haven’t been blogging much about my private life, which is, um, private. But basically my life has undergone extreme re-configuration after Angie’s mum was hospitalised. Since then, the situation is being brought under control, but it will be a few more weeks before we establish a new routine.

That’s the beauty of mankind – and every living organism. We evolve and adapt. Humans adapt faster than any other complex living thing because we have a highly-evolved brain to help us analyse and adapt. But often, we try to outsmart ourselves and ended up with detrimental results. Or we may have too many choices and what-ifs and resulting in delays in decision-makings. Other living things are more lucky. They only have one set of responses to follow. Call them stupid, but at least they know their purpose in life.

Look at our baby girl as she grows, we are gradually introducing her knowledge so that she can make decisions. For instance, if she is hungry, initially she could only cry. Then after a while, she finds a new option: to shout for attention to be fed. Very soon in the near future, she will be able to choose to tell us in words and phrases, or any of the above, when she’s in a foul mood.

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