These days, everywhere we go, we get lots of attention. Passers-by look towards us, relatives swarm around us. Yes, Mayenne is the attraction.

After 5 months, we are getting a hang of Mayenne’s behaviour, her likes, her dislikes, her routine. One thing we still haven’t figured out: she loves to turn to her tummy, yet after she did that she would be upset and would cry. The only explanation we have now is that she feels immobilised as she has yet to learn how to crawl properly. We try not to put her on her tummy too often for it would most certainly result in a mess of her puke, usually just a spoonful. What we fear is the occasional catastrophic “merlion” effect gives us extra washing and smell.

We also find that her legs are getting very strong, thanks to her persistent leg-stretching exercises that are often so violent that she hits hard objects yet without feeling pain. When we carried her up in the air, her legs would stretch out and lock so tight that she would be able to put her feet firmly on the ground while we support her underarms.

Angie’s mum is recovering very well, and she can’t wait to hold and carry Mayenne once again. But that has to wait for a few more months until she fully regains her health and mobility. We have also engaged a foreign domestic worker (FDW, a.k.a maid) to care for her mum, and later Mayenne. The FDW should be arriving in a week or two. Meanwhile, my mum has been giving us tremendous help in taking care of Mayenne at times when Angie and I are busy. Thanks to Mayenne’s good behaviour, everyone is happy to spend some good times with her.

Here’s more good times captured on pixels.

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