For over 5 years, I have maintained a portal that contains news, reviews and insights about products and services. Then one year ago, I started a blog on a separate site. There were times when I asked myself why I should maintain 2 sites that basically does the same thing: to share my thoughts.

Then after my previous post, it became clear. I was right to separate factual information with casual remarks. My contains reviews and opinions that are referable. My blog however is just a diary of private thoughts that belonged to me. I needed a platform to share my carefully-researched information, and the portal provides my readers this assurance of a reliable source of information.

Today I found a photography service for babies and families that is very affordable. It’s by funshotz. I know by sharing this information, I am potentially losing customers to them, but if someone else can do something better than me for cheaper, why not share with people? I always believe in offering information to people and let them decide themselves, providing an environment of perfect information and perfect competition in economics terms. I would be most interested to evaluate how they can offer at such competitive prices and maybe I should revise my prices. As the ingenious saying goes: you can choose only 2 of the 3 traits – good, cheap, or fast. Think it through yourself and see if it makes sense.

People requests me for photographic or music assignments because they see value and quality in what I offer. I trade in second-hand goods because I see value and so does my buyers. The time when I know I can no longer offer my services is the moment when no one wants my services or when I decide that the reward is not worth the effort.

Decisions are never binary or measurable. Not everything is about price or time. There is the intangible element of the human interaction, something that sometimes is worth paying for.

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