You have to admit, they are darn persistent.

For decades, I have received this elaborate package with stickers and mock-up car keys that requires you to send back in complete order so that you have a chance to win the grand prize.

Well, I guess since they have done this for decades, it must have really worked for them.

Then again, no other organisations do this kind of elaborate act. Do they have copyright on this method?

I mean, they even mock up all the documents and certificates and the scratch-n-win enticement. Who are they trying to kid?

Why not just get straight to the point: sign up Reader’s Digest for a chance to win the prize.

OK, fine, if they think not everyone has received this kind of publicity before, so to many, it may look genuine.

Then again, shouldn’t Reader’s Digest check their database against repeated recipients so that their ploy does not get over-used on one individual?

I probably have received this promotion for more than 20 times. In fact, I received 2 just for
these past 2 months! Aren’t they getting desperate.

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